Afisha Inc.

Afisha Inc.

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Since 1993 we have been the leading “Full-Service” marketing agency for the Russian-speaking Community of Northern California.  As the community has grown, over 150,000 + today, we have expanded our services to include: radio, cable television, print, and live events.

We customize advertising campaigns balancing the “right” mix of media, print, and direct mail to achieve the desired results of our clients.

Our philosophy is quite simple. Get us involved from the beginning. The market we serve is obviously very unique.  Successful advertising is a lot more than just translating “standard” English ads into Russian. The cultural diversity dictates a completely different approach to copy let alone the “feeling” of the message that is presented.

Our creative department has evolved from a department of one to now four professionals with marketing/advertising experience in both Russia and the United States. Whether it is a 30 second spot or printed literature we can handle the project from initial conception through final production and delivery.

Like most other immigrant communities there is variety within this group of people themselves. Regional, educational, and religious differences exist. Proper placement, frequency, and diversity of the campaign are handled once again on an individual basis to maximize results.


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