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Ищу работу по уходу или няней.

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Ищу работу по уходу или няней. Тел.: (916) 769-7708.

916 508 0840

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Требуется мужчина (не курящий) – помощник пчеловоду и для разной работы во дворе. Тел. (916) 508-0840.

Центру Алтамедикс требуется водитель автобуса

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Центру Алтамедикс требуется водитель автобуса с категорией “Class B with Passenger Endorsement”. Тел.: (916) 648-3999 email:


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Требуется в компанию водитель класса “А”.На постоянный маршрут и хорошей оплатой. Тел.(916)296-5011 Василий. Тел.: (916) 296-5011.

(916) 910-4818

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Траковая компания приглашает на работу водителей класса А, владельцев траков, диспетчера, механика по ремонту траков и трейлеров. Мы развиваемся и нуждаемся в новых сотрудниках. Достойная оплата. Тел.: (916) 910-4818.

Текст объявления от посетителя сайта

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Keyboard Yamaha PSR-E453. $180. Тел.: (916) 247-2552.


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Afisha Magazine (2 issues a month: 1st and 3rd Sunday):

1/8 of a page (3,58” x 2,04”) – $90.00

1/4 page (3,58” x 4,45”) – $140.00

1/2 page (7,5” x 4,45”) – $240.00

1/2 page Color (7,5” x 4,45”) – $320.00

Full Page (7,5” x 9,2”) – $500.00

Full Page Color (7,5” x 9,2”) – $600.00


Diaspora Newspaper (2 issues a month: 2nd and 4th Sunday):

1/8 of a page (4,84” x 3,74”)- $140.00

1/4 page (4,84” x 7,5”) – $270.00

1/4 color page (4,84” x 7,5”) – $310.00

1/2 b&w page (10” x 7,5”) – $400.00

1/2 color page (10” x 7,5”) – $465.00

Full page (10” x 15”) – $740.00

Full Page Color (10” x 15”) – $820.00; 2nd page – $940.00

Flyer insertion: the first 1,000 – $150.00

Each additional 1000 – $90.00


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Today, North America is home to over 5 million Ethnic Russians, with 150 tho us and residing in the Greater Sacramento area. It’s interesting to note that today Sacramento has the biggest Russian-speaking immigrant community in the world! All indicators show that this is one of the most affluent and rapidly growing ethnic markets in the country.


Ethnic Russian immigrants are relentless about rebuilding their lives to a higher standard than the one they led in the country of origin. As a result, many of these immigrants have attained a high degree of success in their respective fields: medical, legal, business, research, computer programming, real estate and manufacturing.


As a market it is a great, virtually unexplored consumer base, which is craving for new trends and products. As per statistics, marketing driven sales in the Russian ethnic communities have proven to show greater results than any other ethnic group. Millions of dollars are invested annually in to the advertising on the Ethnic Russian Market and here are some of the reasons why: Median Income for an Ethnic Russian Family in Sacramento is $47,000, while the Median income of general Sacramento resident is $38,866.

Afisha Inc.

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Since 1993 we have been the leading “Full-Service” marketing agency for the Russian-speaking Community of Northern California.  As the community has grown, over 150,000 + today, we have expanded our services to include: radio, cable television, print, and live events.

We customize advertising campaigns balancing the “right” mix of media, print, and direct mail to achieve the desired results of our clients.

Our philosophy is quite simple. Get us involved from the beginning. The market we serve is obviously very unique.  Successful advertising is a lot more than just translating “standard” English ads into Russian. The cultural diversity dictates a completely different approach to copy let alone the “feeling” of the message that is presented.

Our creative department has evolved from a department of one to now four professionals with marketing/advertising experience in both Russia and the United States. Whether it is a 30 second spot or printed literature we can handle the project from initial conception through final production and delivery.

Like most other immigrant communities there is variety within this group of people themselves. Regional, educational, and religious differences exist. Proper placement, frequency, and diversity of the campaign are handled once again on an individual basis to maximize results.

Yarmarka Festival

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We would like to invite you to Yarmarka annual multicultural event in Sacramento. Your participation will be an honor to our local Russian speaking Community. The 20th annual Yarmarka Festival will take place on May 19st, 2018 in Southside Park in downtown Sacramento attracting thousands of people during the day. Each Yarmarka Festival takes the entire year between them to plan the next, and this proves to be more effective every year in creating public awareness and curiosity about European culture.

A traditional Slavic fair originated in the 19th century from a simple market place event, it evolved into elaborate Festivals with musicians, dancers and artists performing in the town square surrounded by local merchants.

We hope to bring back some of this festive spirit with concerts and display local businesses. This is a wonderful opportunity for Russian and Ukrainian people to celebrate their culture – and for Americans to enjoy learning about other traditions.

Communal celebrations involving carefully planned programs, outpourings of respect, rejoicing, or high revelry, established by custom or sponsored by various cultural groups or organizations.

Yarmarka is a very memorable event for the whole Slavic community. The all-day-event features a number of bands and solo performers on a concert stage, entertainment and games for the children, picnics, food booths, arts&crafts booths, souvenirs, and products from local merchants, sports events, and much more. Native Russians who now live in the area and even out of state came together with the coordinators of the festival to create an exciting experience.


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