Yarmarka Festival

Yarmarka Festival

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We would like to invite you to Yarmarka annual multicultural event in Sacramento. Your participation will be an honor to our local Russian speaking Community. The 20th annual Yarmarka Festival will take place on May 19st, 2018 in Southside Park in downtown Sacramento attracting thousands of people during the day. Each Yarmarka Festival takes the entire year between them to plan the next, and this proves to be more effective every year in creating public awareness and curiosity about European culture.

A traditional Slavic fair originated in the 19th century from a simple market place event, it evolved into elaborate Festivals with musicians, dancers and artists performing in the town square surrounded by local merchants.

We hope to bring back some of this festive spirit with concerts and display local businesses. This is a wonderful opportunity for Russian and Ukrainian people to celebrate their culture – and for Americans to enjoy learning about other traditions.

Communal celebrations involving carefully planned programs, outpourings of respect, rejoicing, or high revelry, established by custom or sponsored by various cultural groups or organizations.

Yarmarka is a very memorable event for the whole Slavic community. The all-day-event features a number of bands and solo performers on a concert stage, entertainment and games for the children, picnics, food booths, arts&crafts booths, souvenirs, and products from local merchants, sports events, and much more. Native Russians who now live in the area and even out of state came together with the coordinators of the festival to create an exciting experience.


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